Our Services

Use-wear Analysis

We introduced use wear analysis in Sweden in 1975 and has since then periodically over the years analyzed a number of assemblages, mainly quartz and flint, from different time periods and countries, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark and Ireland. We mainly work with with metallurgical microscopes using the HPA method but occasionally with Scanning Elecron Microscopy (SEM) if needed and stereomicroscopy for documentation of macrowear and technological features. We are using NIKON image analysis software with image stacking for documentation and measurement.

Lithic technological Analysis

Our point of view is that all our lithic analyses must have a chaine operatoire perspective. That is, every piece of lithic is analyzed as part of a production, use and discard process. We normally deliver a report with a photographic documentation, database with technological information including observations of method- and technique characteristics and stigmata together with a traditional type of classification into formal types, technological types, functional types an metrical types. Depending on the scope of the project we offer either a straightforward technique, method and use information in a database or an extended and more informed contextual interpretation. We provide technological drawings if we find that necessary or if it is asked for. 

Scientific research support

 As part of our own research we can also provide support for and participation in more research oriented parts of contract archaeology projects and/ or research projects financed from external funds. We can be part of this research or just help formulating research strategies. Over the years we have functioned as reviewers for a number of local and international scientific journals. We use this experience and offer reviewing of texts produced as parts of reports from contract archaeology 

Mentorship and courses in lithic analysis

We offer cources in different aspects of lithic analysis as well as help in preparing for an analysis or excavation. Over the years we have organized a number of cources for university students from different countries as well as for archaeologists working in contract archaeology in Sweden 


This is where our reports are to be published. We are at the moment working to get them in order for publication on the web. We plan to have them ready for publishing at the end of this summer (2023). You will find them om the swedish part of the homepage